Sa Dragonera

Sant Elm is the last place of the Serra de Tramuntana. It is a small town in the south-west of the mountains round a bay, which shape a port. Protected from that port is the island Pantaleu. Jaume I. chose 1229 for the first time in his journey to land at Conquita de Mallorca. But it is not Pantaleu, which is the incredible part of an island. It is Sant Elm, in which there is a great landscape of the Sa Dragonera.

Sa Dragonera viewed from Sant Elm

It is not difficult to imagine Sa Dragonera to be an extension of the Serra de Tramuntana, only that the “port” which links Majorca with Sa Dragonera is below the sea level. Its profile is identical with the cost of the Serra de Tramuntana, with high cliffs, which fall from the north-west into the sea and smooth hanging from the south-east. If you watch the coastal area from far away, you could confuse Sa Dragonera with an extension of Majorca.

Picture of the Sa Dragonera from Google Earth

Sa Dragonera is about 4 kilometers long and its width is less than one kilometer and it is a desert island. But few aren’t built-up. 1974 PAMESA, which is a building company, bought the island with the intention to build housing complexes and marina’s for more than 1200 inhabitants. Although the plan’s had been approved, conservationists succeeded with broad support of the Mallorquiner to delay the start construction over and over again.

The Mallorquiner were very sensitive of protecting the island. When it seemed that no one could do anything, a small group of people occupied the island. They were members of a group called “Talaiot Corcat” with anarchist roots. The occupational group increased until the boat traffic was banned, forcing some to make the trip to swim 800m separating Dragonera and Mallorca. The impact on the media was very strong and there was a huge demonstration with 5,000 people which was the largest demonstration ever occurred in Majorca until this day (or so they said). Finally the council of the island bought Sa Dragonera and transformed the island into sanctuary.

In Dragonera emerged an endemic subspecies of the Balearic lizards, the Dragonera-lizard (Podarcis lilfordi ssp. giglioli). It is – beside the midwife toads – probably the only terrestrial vertebrate which was on the island before human beings arrived.



Sargantana endèmica de Sa Dragonera (Podarcis lilfordi ssp. giglioli).Wikipedia

Gavina corsa, una espècie amenaçada nidificant a Sa Dragonera i que és relativament fàcil de veure a la costa sud de la Serra de Tramuntana. Bastant semblant a la gavina vulgar (Larus argentatus) es bona de diferenciar per tenir el bec vermell i no groc i per les potes verd fosc en lloc de grogues. Foto Nigel Blake



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