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Due to some restrictions on the private properites, the environmental limitations and the limitations of the organization the format of the Ultra 2016 has totally changed. The Ultra, Trail and Marathon can be done in total authonomy and with free registration (no cost). The organization will be limited to the time control of the participants. We are working with our sponsors to be able to maintain a finisher buff or garment, maximum number of participants is 450 for each of the 3 distances.

The register, control and list of finishers will be managed thru the tramuntrail platform.

To continue collaborating with the Balear Multiple Esclorosis Association (ABDEM), we encorage that you make a wire transfer to this association. The recommended ammount in 10€ for the Ultra and 5€ for the Trail and Marathon. You can make the transfer directly using the ABDEM web site, please put the name of all participants in the transfer.

Ultra Mallorca 112 km, 4448 m D+
Trail Mallorca 66.8 km, 2521 m D+
Marathon Mallorca 44.0 km, 1624 m D+



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