We are making great efforts to convert the Ultra Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana in a top event with issues relating to the environment and sustainability criteria under the certainty that the sport itself can be beneficial for local development , but we have to ensure with respect to the environment in which it was developed.

You’ll notice that the regulations there are important rules that you must follow to minimize the impact . Not following the rules involve a penalty in milder cases or disqualification at rest . These points are:

  • Littering
  • Doing too much noise (especially at night and in populations )
  • Make shortcuts especially when involving a risk of destruction of vegetation , soil erosion or damage roads or terraces .
  • Cattle barriers should be left as they are opened or closed .
  • Refreshments are closed and can not get anything refreshment area .

Other aspects are worked :

  • All the necessary paper editions will be environmentally friendly and recycled ..
  • Refreshments :
    • Local and seasonal products ( Sóller oranges , almonds, water on the island , etc. ) are included .
    • The use of plastic containers will be avoided and use of recycled or usable material ( avoid the massive use of plastic cups, not individual bottles of water , riders will have to make use of your personal drum, etc. ) , always looking for waste minimization .
    • Will have selective waste container .
    • At Arrival and refreshment points will selective waste.
  • Way Markers :
  • Signalling will always respecting the environment without spoiling any element of nature.
  • The paint markings on asphalt are biodegradable
  • The race carefully remove the signs and other items that may get in the way.
  • The route will be signposted by the Association of Mountain Guides of the Illes Balears .
  • Specific training of volunteers in reference to aspects of environmental friendliness and sustainability
  • Regulation : riders have to dial everything in the backpack with the bib number . If the organization is a paper or other rubbish of a particular athlete will be able to disqualify.




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