Regulations UMSDT – TMSDT and MMSDT 2016

  • Ultra Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana (UMSDT) 105km.

    Beginning 22nd April 2016 at 24:00 (0:00 on 23rd April).

  • Trail Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana (TMSDT) 60km.

    Beginning 23th April 2016 at 10:00 am.

  • Marathon Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana (MMSDT) 44km.

    Beginning 23th April 2016 at 8:00 am.

Both test were created with the aim to promote the sport of ultra-endurance and publicize the magnificent landscape and the nature of the Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca by Trails Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana SL.

1.- Sporting behavior and sustainability

 The UMSDT is being held with absolute respect for the environment. We present the measurement taken in the Handbook of Good Practice.

Disqualification reasons: throw waste, making excessive noise (especially at night and on the streets of the villages) and making big or small short cuts (this risky behavior could cause destruction of vegetation, soil erosion or damage of the generated paths or walls). The cattle guards should be left as found, open or closed. Disqualification will also take place in the case of disrespecting the public, other participants or the Organization.

The traffic in the running passages might be open and the participants have to respect the rules of the road while using these roads and towns.

Participants will be responsible for any damage caused to the people or the mountain.


2.- Registration, requirement and duty for the participants

2.1.- Requirements

  1. Be an adult.
  2. Know and accept the conditions of these rules.
  3. Perform all the steps of the pre-registration and registration.


2.2.- Registration

Only the entries are accepted through

Each participant must fill out correctly all the personal data, as these will be collated by the organization during the withdrawal of numbers. It is compulsory to present the ID or passport and have a valid federal license. It is not permitted for a runner to participate if s/he forge the ID.


2.3.- Pay periods and registration fees are set to:

- From 14th December to 31st December. Ultra: 110,00 € /Trail: 70€ / Marathon: 50€
- From 1st January to 31st January. Ultra: 120,00 € / Trail: 80€ / Marathon: 60€
- From 1st February to 29th February. Ultra: 130,00 € / Trail: 90€ / Marathon: 70€
- From 1st March to 20th March. Ultra: 140,00 € / Trail: 100€ / Martahon: 80€
These Prices including the 21% VAT and the enviroment Tax of 5€/participant (BOIB N.195. 29.11.2012). Do not include mountain accident insurance.Ultra Mallorca Tramuntana

Other possible costs:

If you want to participate you must be federated with a type of insurance that covers mountain races. If you are not federated, the insurance must be purchased at the race day at a cost of 10 €. If this insurance is not purchased or credited in control material, it is not allowed to participate in the run.

On the platform of registration there will be additional services and prices displayed before finalizing registration.


  • Supply for the ULTRA Estellencs, Port des Canonge, Valldemossa, Sóller, Cuber, Lluc y Pollença.
  • Supply for the TRAIL Sóller, Cuber, Lluc y Pollença.
  • Supply for the Marathon Cuber, Lluc y Pollença.
  • Water, sports drinks y energy foods.
  • Consult tables and features of the supplies on the web.
  • Gift of the event
  • Prizes for the top finishers of the general female and male of the Ultra Trail and Trail.
  • Awards for the top 3 / as classified / as TMSDT, UMSDT and MMSDT
  • Trophies category
  • Trophies for the top 3 teams ranked their best 4 runners in the shortest time summed up. It is not necessary that they make the race together.
  • Trophies for the categories special people. Including: Police, Firemen, and Military.
  • There will be a special prize for the top finishers in the overall race for the best male and best female residents in Pollença.

2.4.- Registration involves the reservation of seats.

There are no exchanges of names allowed, no running with the bib number of another person and refunds are only accepted if it was written a notice within 30 days before the start of the test and follow the refund policy of the organization.

  • 75% refund until the 31st December 2015
  • 50% refund until the 28th February 2016
  • 25% refund until the 20th March 2016
  • No cancellations after the 20th March 2016

Requests for any changes in the chosen mode are set up within a month before the test. After this date you cannot make any changes and if you want to change to the other race, it will depend on the availability.

 Important: All financial refunds will be made within 60 days after cancellation 

3.- Disclaimer:

Registered participants know that they participate voluntarily, on their own responsibility in the competition and discharge the organization for any damages that could happen by a race ultra distance.


4.- Image Rights:

The organization can use pictures, videos and sound of the participants during the race, including pre-and post moments, from collecting the numbers, awards and transportation of participants.

In addition the volunteers, staff or staffs of mount external of the test but that of one form or another involved in it, also accept the assignment of those rights of image.

In compliance with the law on protection of image rights: Any exceptions must be submitted in writing by the person who is an explicit reference images.


5.- Technical Verification. Obligatory material.

The organization may undertake technical checks of the material required before or during the test. Participants who do not carry the mandatory material, or present it unusable or defective, may not perform or continue the test.

5.1.- It is mandatory to wear the following items:

  1. Front light
  2. Rear red light
  3. Thermal blanket
  4. Raincoat
  5. Phone with credit and battery
  6. Reserve at least half a liter of water (one liter recommended)
  7. Glass (to reduce refuse, there is no vessels in the supplies)
  8. Bib number. The bib number must be worn on the anterior part and it must be visible the whole time throughout the race.
  9. Chip of time measurement in the delivery of the bib number.

The Trail runners have to wear the same mandatory material as the Ultra runners.


5.2.- Marked Material

All disposable material must be marked with the number of bib number. (You must use an indelible marker pen or equivalent to write the number of bib number on bars, gels and other disposable material)


5.3.- Self Supply

In the spirit of the test, the UMSDT, TMSDT and MMSDT are tests with semi-sufficiency. There will be supply stations but they are far from each other, and that’s why it is important that the participants bring supplies of food and water. These carried supplies can be depleted in case of emergency and it is recommended that you have food reserve.

6.- Recommended Food

Reserve of food, in the backpack; sunscreen, adhesive bandage, petroleum jelly, money, handkerchiefs, mountain footwear, technical apparel, sleeves, buff, cap, safety pins for the bib number and clock, heart rate monitor, ankle support in case of sprains/strains. Take with you fleece or something equivalent depending on the pace and weather conditions.

7.- Departure and Arrival.

The timer will start at the set time with or without the presence of the participants. Participants who are not present at the time of the start may not participate.

8.- Backpacks and Clothes.

There is a cloakroom service that will pick up the bags of the runners at the departure (Andratx to the UMSDT and to the TMSDT Valldemossa) and bring them to the arrival (Pollenca). It will be necessary to identify who the owner of the bag is with the help of the media that the organization offers.

The organization is not responsible for any item left inside the backpack. It is forbidden to leave luggage or big packages.

9.- Route.

The route will be fully marked with reflective tapes and notes on the stages at night; these signs must be followed at all times. The final route will not be published as the gR221 is not finalized yet and it is possible to follow the entire route on public roads. The Ultra and Trail cross private land and it is only permitted to run there at the day of the race. Please respect the whole environment.

9.1.- Control Points

  • The control points are located as already described. At those control points are commissioners of the organization. If you skip one or more Control Points you will be DISQUALIFIED from the competition.
  • The control points appear in the travel section of the website. These control points will serve to ensure the safety of participants and will allow us to take a pace that ensures the completion of the race in the timetable.
  • The control points have a closing time. If you enter the control point after the closing time, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • There might be surprise control points; duly identified to ensure that all participants follow the planned route.

9.2.- Supply Stations

  • Participants may use the supply stations to get liquid. The supply stations are closed; all packaging must be discarded in the trash before leaving the area of the supply stations.
  • The supply stations of UMSDT will be at the following points: Estellencs-Port des Canonge-Valldemossa -Soller – Cuber-Lluc –Pollença
  • The supply stations of TMSDT will be at the following points: Sóller-Cuber-Lluc-Pollença
  • The supply stations of MMSDT will be at the following points: Cuber-Lluc-Pollença
  • The participants will be provided with only one person, who is identified as the assistant for this purpose within the supply stations and only at those points. Everything else will be considered external help and it may result in the disqualification of the race.

10.- Place of Abandonment

The organization is not responsible if the participants leave the race or are out of the race due to time cut.

Abandonments must be made at the Control Points by contacting the organization and hand over the bib number to the responsible at the control.

If as a result of an accident or injury the participant isn’t able to move and cannot get to a point of control, the rescue operation should be called by contacting by the organization with the Mobile Phone of an emergency.

Leaving the race without contacting the organization is considered as a serious misconduct and will involve the inability to take part in subsequent editions of the test.

The emergency phone number in case of being out of coverage is the 112. In case of serious emergency and being in an area of coverage, please contact directly the medical services of the 061 and there will a medical team to help.


11.- Responsibility of the Directors of the Race.

The Directors of race may remove a runner from the competition if they consider that this runner has depleted their physical capabilities or techniques as a cause of fatigue, the runner does not have the required material, or the runners conditions are not appropriate to continue in the race.

A medical decision that determines that a runner is not qualified to continue is irrevocable.

It is highly recommended that all participants pass a medical examination before participating in a test of these features.


12.- Sources of Progression in Competition

It is only allowed to run the race by feet as a means of progression remains prohibited any kind of help or implement that are not their own physical and batons of trekking. The characteristic of this non-stop competition makes it important that participants are sufficiently trained to perform this physical activity uninterrupted along the route.

13.- Passage Priority

The Ultra participants have priority in the passages. Participants who run in the Trail must yield them if they reach the passage where the Trail runners are at because the participants of the Ultra are at a higher rate.

14.- Safety Regulations

Do not carry or put any element of the material indicated by the organization that could be the reason of disqualification as well as for example:

  • If one does not listen to the indications of commissioners and staff (Police, Civil Guard, Civil Protection, etc.).
  • Not help a participant requiring assistance.
  • Ask for help without being in need of help.
  • If one does not comply with the regulation, a participant can be penalised in time, can be disqualified, and even in serious cases one can be precluded of participation in future editions.

15.- Directors of the Race

The DIRECTORS OF THE RACE may suspend, modify, reduce, neutralize or stop the race, by security or force majeure beyond their control (climatology, variations in the rate of flow hydrographic, etc).

15.1.- Sports Commissioners.

They are responsible for the Control Points Mandatory Passages. Failure to obey the directions of a sports commissioner leads to the DISQUALIFICATION. Participants may not claim or interrogate with regulation, classifications, itineraries, etc., the sports commissioners.

15.2.- Complaint

All claims will be accepted upon a payment of a deposit of 30 EUR. This deposit will only be refunded if the organization believes that the complaint is justified. All claims must be submitted in written form within 24 hours of completion of the race. The organization will address all complaints and their verdict is not reclaimable. To contact the organization, please you the following mail:

15.3.- Modification

This regulation can be corrected, modified, or improved at any time by the organization, as well as any data, standard or paragraph for optimal performance of the test.

The latest version will be in

Any case which is not provided in this regulation will be resolved by the Organization by means of contact.

15.4.- Recommendations and specific prohibitions (materials and travel)
In this edition 2016 and as a measure created by the Directorate General of Environment of the Govern de les Illes Balears, registered runners will receive specific rules on the use of material (depending on which sections sticks) or recommendations on certain points of the route that should be of respected as mandatory rules of evidence. All participants will be informed during the month of February these conditions.
Compliance with those rules may also be grounds for disqualification by the organization.




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