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Press Release Ultra Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana 2013

 The fifth edition of the mountain race Ultra Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana will take place on the 19th and 20th April 2013.

This is again an ultra endurance mountain test, which is going to consist of two runs according to the distance to travel.

On the one part the Ultra Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana runners will travel 105 km with a cumulative altitude of 4,200 m, starting on Friday 19th April at 00:00 am from the town called Andratx, which is in the south-west of the island, to reach Pollença in the north of Mallorca. Thus, they are running through Serra de Tramuntana and this run should not take longer than 24 hours.

The other part of the race is the Trail Mallorca Serra de Tramuntana. These runners are leaving from Valldemossa to complete the run similarly as the Ultra runners in Pollença. They are covering a total of 62 km with slopes of 2000+ and 2400-. This run should not take longer than 16 hours.

The Serra de Tramuntana is characterized by a beautiful and very technical route which prevails the stone on the path, essentially passing the GR221 (path “Dry Stone”), where the sea and the typical “Marges Mallorquins” accompany the runners almost their entire run.

We should not forget that the Serra de Tramuntana, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, gives the race a special interest not only because of its hardness but also for its beauty and uniqueness, which is now officially recognized by the UNESCO. This makes it a place of worship for all the mountain lovers, being a factor that has turned the race into a vital goal in the calendar of any mountain racer worldwide.

This year the forecast of participation is 1800 runners in both races, 1800 athletes seeking a challenge to achieve in Mallorca. Highlighting the rise of the Trail, which this year has covered all of its spots 7 months before the start of the run. We have currently a long waiting list of runners who wish to come to our island and experience this adventure.

The organizers are working hard to consolidate this test both nationally and internationally, as a landmark trial for their beauty, strength and uniqueness that makes it a very attractive tourist sport in which knowing the whole mountain range and to look on the island from its heights, with the fact that in the year 2012, 47% of participants came from outside Mallorca, emphasizing the presence of Germans, Swiss, Austrians and central European countries with the largest participation.

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2010-04-15 Ultra Trail Serra de Tramuntana, 103,5km i 52,5km.

2010-04-17 L’Ultra-Trail Serra de Tramuntana acaba amb 146 finishers, dels 200 total d’inscrits.
Montaje de video de Carlos Mateos de Pedro





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